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Over the length of development as an artist one encounters many positive influences. I have been on the whole interested in people whose focus and attitudes I share. While their work has provided inspiration and excitement to my exploration of art, I have tried to apply their examples in support of my peculiar pursuits. The eclectic groups of sources included here reflect a personal exposure, that has had the added benefit of cross-fertilization.


Mel Stabin, author of Watercolor Simple, Fast, and Focused, conducts workshops in the US, Mexico, and Europe, and has produced instructional DVDs.

David Taylor, author (with Ron Ranson) of Solving the Mystery of Watercolor, is an Australian artist who conducts workshops internationally, and has produced instructional DVDs.

Charles Reid, author of Charles Reids Watercolor Secrets, and several other books and DVDs. Conducts workshops internationally.

Jim Faulkner, plein air watercolor artist of Indiana landscapes

Jeanne Dobie, Making Color Sing.


Paul Hogarth, author of Graham Greene Country and Drawing on Life: an Autobiography, a British artist and illustrator of international stature whose work has been widely published.

Paul Stevenson Oles, Architectural Illustration.

Michael Doyle, Color Drawing, 2nd Edition.


Betty Edwards, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

Francis DK Ching, Drawing: A Creative Process.

Fabrice Moireau, Paris Sketchbook.

Huck Scarry, Venice Sketchbook.

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